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It opens up a complete range of new ideas and avenues in your life for you to grow and excel through some proven techniques by the top-most behavioral scientists in the world. The idea is to establish a productive SAMVAAD (dialogue) with you.

Mind it, it is no philosophy rather science!!! You are attending as a PARTICIPANT cum CONTRIBUTOR cum ENTHUSIAST in the seminar. We would like to hear from you on your ideas too and back it hand in hand along with you if we can, By yoU, For yoU, Thru yoU!!!

It is a MIND-OPENING seminar that talks about certain questions one needs to ask himself/herself in order to Maximize Their Potential.  Such as,

ü  Do we know how to handle stress effectively?

ü  Do we feel the need to be a better communicator?

ü  Have we ever thought of consulting a professional to improve our LIFE-SKILLS?

ü  Are we aware of our personal and professional assets and liabilities?

ü  Do we know our CAREER-BLUEPRINT?

ü  Is there a Gap between ‘What we deserve’ and ‘what we have’?

ü  Are we managing our time well or the time is managing us?

ü  What is the way forward?

You must have noticed that the questions above is from your daily life situations and has the potential to bring a paradigm shift to the way you live your life.

We genuinely feel that, ‘You are not born for ordinary things in life. You are not!!!’

Let’s be “IN IT TO WIN IT

Remember, Mind and Parachute only works once open!!!


Willing to learn

Diary and pen to take notes

An open Mind

NOTABLE- ‘It is an ever-going event. For dates and time you may call or click on the link which would show you the updated dates and timings’

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