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SIGNATURE MODULE:LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Plan your life or plan to fail: Be the leader!!!! Be yourself!!!! Maximize your potential

What you’ll learn

You would learn the art of managing yourself better and leading the way for others.
> Well define your personal and professional assets and liabilities
> Establish goals to guide you to a successful career path
> Develop a comprehensive mission statement of your personal and professional future.
> Identify your core values & how these can influence your choices in the future.
> Making smart career decisions on your own
> Identifying your strengths, weaknesses & skills
>Learn how to maximize and enhance your work areas
> Learn how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of your goals.
> You would learn ‘how to be a leader?’
> It would also give you an insight of improving your personal life by improving your self talks.


Willing to learn

 Diary and pen to take notes

An open mind


Whether you are just a beginner just entering the working world or you’re a seasoned professional feeling stuck, you want to make the right choices at the right time from the word GO. No matter where you are currently, this course will expertly mentor you through the process of designing a life you will love to live. Creating a life- plan can be extremely useful in helping to identify your career goals, sharpen your focus, be the leader .  You will be able to focus on what you want to accomplish and what steps you need to take to get there. You will acquire a better understanding of your skills and experiences, you will discover what career best suits your talents, and what skills and training you require for your chosen career.  It offers detailed training on specific, proven techniques and strategies that will help you grow your personal/professional skills and achieve your goals. You would learn how to prioritize to save time. Surfacing the ‘2.0’ version of you who is a real leader and accept challenges as opportunity. It offers the proven methods to help you maximize your potential.

Structured around the most common dilemmas people have, this course will provide clear advice about how and when to apply the right technique to address all of these problems and achieve your goal. Be a believer, be a leader.

Who this course is for:

> Anyone who is interested in personal development.
> Anyone who strives for a meaningful and fulfilling career.
> Anyone exploring whether they would like their own business.

> Anyone who wants to learn about themselves and what careers they will flourish in.
> Job seekers who want to find work which they enjoy.